Saturday, 13 June 2015

Tips for Boaters (1)

Well, I suppose I am a sort of anti-smoking evangelist. Although I have not smoked for over forty years. I do remember on one occasion about twenty years ago. While we were out and in an inebriated state enjoying a new years eve meal. A friend proffered me a cigar and I had it in my lips before I remembered that I did not smoke.
However, I do remember those cigarette cards, usually held together with an elastic band. Cards that we used to collect as a kid. Often with either pictures of our sporting hero's or some gorgeous, busty actress. 

Cigarette makers began inserting the cards as blank stiffening to make the thin paper packaging stronger in the pocket.Then someone must have thought, why not make the cards more interesting each with their own image and note on the reverse.

So here is an example of a cigarette card to offer a tip or two,  that just might come in useful while out on your boat. We all know that we have to take care on the towpath. At any moment we could find ourselves confronted by a run away barge horse. This card offers information on how to bring such a horse under control.
To become proficient in taking control of a run away horse only practice makes perfect. It would be far to late to wait until an out of control horse was to arrive. However, you could practice the same technique on an out of control cyclist on the towpath. First grip the run away cyclist by the neck. Then with your free hand direct the handlebars towards the canal. The cyclist will be able to break their fall in the canal. 
This technique practice will also give a further opportunity to practice your man overboard technique. The cyclist will appreciate your skill and knowledge in saving them from causing a serious accident to themselves and anyone else walking along the towpath.

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