Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Memories are made of this

Life is full of strange and odd perspectives. I have been around for a while and in that time I have learned much in and about life. I actually regret very little, mainly because, a lifetime is short and I have a great deal of things left to to do. I don't have a bucket list as such as I don't want to restrict myself. 

I have experienced most things, some more than once. I have seen most things and like everyone else, I have seen things I wish I had not. I was always adventurous outgoing and into just doing it. I thought bugger the consequences, just in case I should ever regret missing out on it later. 

One thing more than anything else, I built up an extensive and deep knowledge of absolute huge amounts of rubbish. I know in minute detail stuff that is of no use to man or beast. All this sage wisdom I have gathered, is stored away in a plethora of memories, that I can recall in the finest of detail. 

The only thing I can't remember now is, where I put my keys. 

Oh that and its my birthday...

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