Thursday, 28 May 2015

Boating Utopia

Has there ever been a Boating Utopia. A time when everything on the Inland Waterways was wonderful.  

I ask because, contrary to the opinion expressed by some, I believe its the same as it always was and absolutely nothing has changed. The early pioneers of restoration did their moaning by holding a boat gathering. There were speeches made by the great and the good. In the main complaining about 'British Transport' and the parlous state of the canals. 

The roles of the 'real' boating associations have not changed. Its to question and cajole. Its to provide a boaters perspective and to watch out for the boaters interests. Associations should be a reflection on the moods and will of those who pay a high price. Thats you the boater when you buy a boat you are making a major investment and expectation of the in the future of the canals. When you pay your licence you are investing in that future.

Now you have social media to share your pet peeves with. Everyone knows that the current underspend means things are going to get worse before they can start to get better. Even progress - such as it is - comes to the canals. Or would we all feel better going back to a time when shoving children up chimneys was the order of the day.

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