Saturday, 18 April 2015

Widespread illegal hunting of birds

Please sign and share this petition in an effort to speak out in Europe, against the widespread illegal hunting of birds. Because of various loopholes and inconsistencies in the law. It appears that too many birds are losing their lives, leading to a clear possibility of extinction for various breeds. We are concerned about specific species of birds such as the Amur Falcon and Lesser Whitethroat along with the possibility of endangerment and extinction of these birds and many others.

You will find the petition here.  Click Here

The news seems to be full of stories regarding the killing and poaching of elephants and rhinos for their tusks and horns. But rarely do we hear much about the killing of birds and other serious infractions of conservation laws throughout Europe. The regulations need to be set and implemented to help maintain and protect various species of birds like the Amur Falcon and Lesser Whitethroat, just to name two.

The current weak laws throughout Europe actually allow the occurrence of organised hunting trips and targeting of songbirds. However, the number of birds killed and taken by the hunters is minute compared to those that were smuggled out of their habitat as a means to meet demand for traditional cuisine. It has been documented that poachers alone killed more than 2 million of the Lesser Whitethroat in the last two years.

Stop killing our birds,wake up and realise that one day they will all be gone what sort of person takes pleasure in hunting them leave them so our grandchildren can enjoy seeing them. Jan Hughes, United Kingdom

How could anyone sanction 1 billion bird deaths for ANY reason! Jeff Evans, United Kingdom

Wild birds are disappearing due to our encroachment on their territory and from many other man made threats. This criminal and disgusting hunting during their migrations, and of already threatened species of birds, also contribute greatly to their disappearance and must stop! . Or it will not only be the spring that will be silent of birdsong, but also the whole year. Paul Lewis, United Kingdom

please please do something about this! Maria Francisca Sanchez Alvarez, Spain

Any person who feels the need to kill for pleasure clearly is lacking in the most basic of intelligence. Another example of not being worth the waste of the planet's resources. To feel the need to kill defenceless creatures shows their complete lack of character, morals, and basic humanity. Julia Ratsey, United Kingdom

The way it is going, we will be wiping out many species of birds for sheer greed and pleasure at killing. It's disgusting and has to be stopped.
Stuart Bradbrook, United Kingdom

We must stop this terrible slaughter of these beautiful birds. There must be stricter and more serious controls. Peter Roberts, United Kingdom

Strengthen EU laws to protect birds and step up enforcement against the illegal capture and poaching of birds before it's too late for some species. We cannot stop birds migrating in order to save them so we have to find ways of making their migratory passage a safe one. Judith S, United Kingdom

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