Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Waterways Circus

The waterways partnerships were an idea conjured up by the canal and river trust. the partnerships remit was to work with anybody who could bring money into the trusts coffers. Unquestionably since inception the partnerships have been, almost without exception, a complete and unmitigated disaster zone.  To be self funding by 2015 not a single partnership has even come close to covering their costs or raising any significant donations.

The Waterways Circus

The lack lustre Waterway Partnership, has now come of age;
its a misplaced corporate vanity, that has the boater in a rage;
in utter confusion as to their role, with no experience to weigh;
its a bewildered organisation, that's now in complete disarray.

So pie in the sky ambitions, and very soft targets were set;
to bring corporate donations, but now't been raised as yet;
as the waterway continues, inexorably spiralling down;
 just like a second rate circus, its being managed by clowns.

Pretending that its working, and never mind the cost; 
 as for the return on investment, they don't give a toss;
costing us millions the selected, hand picked staff;
 promised us a huge success, now don't make me laugh.

The cold stark reality is, its no laughing matter;
more outrageous promises, the public just to flatter;
the smoke and mirrors, are now no longer working;
 the public are well aware, just who has been shirking.

Bottom line on the balance sheet, now tells the truth;
understanding the figures, does not require a sleuth;
saving the public money, get rid of an irritating flea;
close them all down today, and throw away the key.

The Alternative Canal Laureate

Evan Keel.
"The events depicted in this poem are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. No person should without the prior permission of the author assume the identity of any character. These poems are a story that could be based on actual events. In certain cases incidents, characters and time lines have been changed for dramatic purposes. Certain characters may be accidental composites, or entirely fictitious. I was helped in my creative endeavour by my friend's telepathic cat named Huxley. Huxley assumes all responsibility for any mistakes and errors."

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