Friday, 23 January 2015

Welcome to cloud cuckoo land (3)

There is good work being done by some boating organisations, representing the intrests of boat owners, NABO in particular. The IWA by way of contrast has members already ensconced in various levels of the trust hierarchy. These are the people representing our interests. But don't hold any meetings organised meetings with their electorate. Did they not feel even a small twinge of guilt about their silence. Did they not feel the need to share information, with their electorate. Did they not feel the need to share information with the wider waterways community, one that the IWA claims to represent. Maybe the much vaunted and now discredited Memorandum of Understanding between CaRT and the IWA counts for much more than we first thought. 

What does this say about the 'IWA block vote' like the bad ol days of trade union closed shop conditions. Which usurped any semblance of 'independent' representatives. An independence we were supposed to vote for. With the unholy alliance sounding more like the bad old days of the trade union and the closed shop system.

This brings me round to finishing on a more positive note. After all this was something I was challenged to do by Richard Parry himself.  Which begs the very obvious rhetorical question can we trust the Trust? Well with all the ongoing skulduggery the very obvious answer is no. 

So being positive, maybe I could suggest that one or two people within the trust will now look to their laurels and do the 'honourable and gentlemanly' thing and resign. Starting with the Chairman of the Trustees - it was after all 'on his watch' and could not have happened without his knowledge and consent. 

Charitable Trust?  Don't make me laugh!

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