Wednesday, 14 January 2015


The phrase 'unplanned stoppage' as used by the trust is an oxymoron. The correct phrase should at least be 'foreseen stoppage'. Because the frequency of them are going to continue for the foreseeable future. We can now all foresee a rise in numbers year on year.  
These stoppages are not unforeseen and they are not unexpected. The waterways system is currently managed to scrimp and save money for other purposes. Like propping up the Waterways Partnerships. The  trust is obviously happy to see the current levels of 'foreseen stoppages' as acceptable. The trust is seemingly quite happy for the level of 'foreseen stoppages' to grow.With a back log of 50,000 repairs what other outcome is there.
Lets give these stoppages a real name to differentiate them from the planned stoppages. How about 'Hales Halt' Because the trustees under the leadership of chairman Hales continue to let this situation continue. Seemingly with the blessings of all the trustees.' 
Here is my definition of a 'Hales Halt': 'Continue to do nothing or alternatively spend as little as possible, until such time as a point is finally reached where things can only get better. Because physically, the infrastructure can get no worse.'

I have long thought that its time for the trust to look at some form of compensation for the various waterways users. For spoiled holidays, disrupted cruising plans and providing a worthless level of expectation.  After all its only money (our money) and when its spent on anything other than maintenance, it seems to be of no consequence to boaters either. In the main its the expectations of the giving public and boaters that are being ignored. Lets give these spoiled expectations a name as well.

Suggestions please....

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