Thursday, 4 December 2014

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About three weeks ago, we escaped the confines of the marina and headed out onto the canal. We headed for the village of Willington in Derbyshire as there are good moorings and plenty of facilities for food and drink. 

As the sun came up, I took the dog for our usual early morning walk. It had been very cold overnight and the ground was covered in sheltered spots with patches of hoar frost. Not hard enough for the first ice to form on the canal. But hard enough to give the cobwebs a light dusting. 

Then I noticed one web that was half in the shade and half illuminated by the weak morning sunlight. Half the web had warmed and reverted to dew, while the other half remained in a frozen state.

I could not help but think that as the year is drawing to an end, the autumn is over and soon winter will take a grip on the countryside. So we choose to grab any opportunity to get out onto the water. 

There were a few boats on the move including one couple moving their new boat. Blissfully unaware that the next lock at Stenson was in the throws of a winter refurbishment stoppage. We suggested that they might explore getting a short term mooring within the local marina for a few weeks.

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