Monday, 1 December 2014

Sir Nicholas Winton

On Tuesday the 28th of November the Czech government honoured Sir Nicholas Winton. I would not be surprised if you did not know who he was.  You may he heard of Oscar Schindler, who was made famous in Spielberg's film Schindlers List. Nicholas Winton is known as the ‘British Schindler’.  Some might say the Schindler might also be described as the German Winton.

Nicholas Winton was a relatively young 29 year old when he placed himself in great danger in the by then Nazi controlled state of Czechoslovakia. Nicholas Winton conspired with others to provide safe-passage to 669 children, most of them Jews. Had he been caught he would certainly have suffered a dire fate.

The British people as a nation have gained more than a little notoriety for championing the plight of the oppressed. We naturally root for the underdog we love a lost cause. Its what makes us British and proud of it! How did our government decide to celebrate the remarkable triumph over adversity that Sir Nick brought about? 

Tuesday the 28th of November should have made everyone feel proud to be British. Instead, on the day the Czech authorities honoured our very own Schindler. The British Foreign Office decided that the current victims of state orchestrated genocide were not worth saving. From Tuesday, the 28th of November, asylum seekers out at sea would be left to drown.

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