Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Is it me!

Once more the Trust goes to the courts, seeking through inequality of arms to make people frightened and subdued. Just plane simple bullying. However, this time the case is lost and CaRT will stand with egg on its face once more.

Is it me!

Is it me I ask myself, whenever I question what's seems wrong;
its a foible a trait the way I am, and its been with me life long;
never could avoid the issue, I always had something to say;
it seems I was blighted or blessed, I can't help I am that way.

Well is it me because I question it, can't stand around to watch;
it irks and troubles me, when something has been botched;
there is much wrong in this life, and diplomacy not my way;
for I believe that the under dog,  must also have its day.

Yes its me that will stand up, to the way things are today;
might is never right, no matter what you think or say;
your comeuppance will come, and this might be the day;
there are many more like me, and I'm not going to go away.

It is me shining a light in the dark, where bad deeds are done;
there is still much to do, because you're not the only one;
you just remember that, you are always being observed;
people will still have their say, and the injustice will be curbed.

Friends can come and go, you have such a lot to learn; 
morels have a value, through them respect you'll have to earn;
because transparency and openness, is now the only way;
charitable in more than name, one day it might even pay.

The Alternative Canal Laureate.

Evan Keel.

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