Sunday, 2 November 2014

Your Bedtime Routine (2)

Following on from Your Bedtime Routine (1)

Public information films were all the rage especially when television became a popular form of home entertainment. Replacing the weekly Saturday morning trip I did as a kid to the cinema. Where we were entertained by various cowboy characters like Roy Rogers who seemed to spend all his time serenading his horse rather than Dale Evans. 

The good cowboys always wore a white hat and were often the town sheriff.  The local townsfolk usually consisted of Gabby Hayes and other similar characters who would be deputised into forming a posse - but first before setting off on the trail of the bank robbers - there was always time for a song from Roy.  The bad guys always ended up in jail, I always thought part of the punishment was when Roy sang for them as well. 

But I digress away from Public Information films. Do you remember Joe and Petunia the seaside postcard character family. They starred in a short series of public information films some of which had a watery theme to them.

Unfortunately for Joe and Petunia their life in public information came to a sticky end quite quickly. Both ascended into another place in a mini with worn tyres. But Joe and Petunia still live on and can be seen most weekends in the summer on an inland waterway near you.

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