Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Protecting Yourself.

Thinking of buying a push bike for use when out on your boat?

There are plenty of cycles offered for sale second-hand on places like eBay and even in flea markets held up and down the length and breath of the country. I was astounded to learn that a bike is stolen every few seconds. These provide a ready and easy source of income for opportunist thieves feeding a drug habit.  Now you can check in an instant from your mobile phone if that bike that you are thinking of buying is stolen. Have a look on 'Check That Bike'  before you part with any money. 

If you buy stolen goods, the general rule is that you are not the legal owner. In other words, you do not have good title. This applies even if you paid a fair price and didn’t know that the goods were stolen. The person who originally owned them is still the legal owner. The only exception to this rule is where goods are insured, such as cars. In this case, the goods would become the property of the insurance company after the real owner's claim had been paid.

Year on year insurance premiums go up  and we all end up paying out. Have a look round you, how many valuables can you see?  If you are like me you have the odd valuable items on your boat, maybe a mobile phone, a TV set or even a camera. All such items provide rich picking for scrotes. But you can fight back, by first of all recoding a description, make, colour, type and any serial numbers for such items. Then you can upload the ownership information to another bespoke website 'Immobilise Property Register' that the police can also check recovered items against.

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