Sunday, 9 November 2014

A Poll Tax for the Inland Waterways (9)

A Poll Tax for the Inland Waterways

Governments of all colours have from time to time come up with various bits of stupid legislation, that has eventually created the pit for their own downfall. 
  • For Thatcher is was the Poll Tax. 
  • For Major it was Family Values. 
  • For Cameron it was Big Society. 
  • For the Railways it was the wrong kind of Snow. 
  • For the Canal and River Trust its the wrong kind of Trustee.

There has been chapter and verse written over the last decade and longer, highlighting the distrust that many hold for the way that the waterways are being managed. What has become plain to see with the 20:20 vision provided by a decade or more of hindsight. Is that the quango charged to manage the waterways, was ill equipped with the right kind of personnel for the job. I'm not talking about the skill set of the general staff. The finger of responsibility has to be pointed much higher up the command structure.

Public  Relations

The public forums now consistently pillory the trust, because they are the only replacement for the forum that would be created by a paying membership. The ever growing level of criticism of the trust and its performance. I can only imagine that the public display of the trusts dirty linen, will continue to be hot water washed in the media. After all, its been going on for decades. 

The much vaunted and promised openness and transparency is particularly conspicuous by its complete absence. As was the moratorium upon changes to the mooring time allowances. Which have carried on a pace.

So where is the responsibility element?
Where was the oversight by the trustees?

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