Sunday, 12 October 2014

Wrecked with Consumption

Looking at the state of the Inland Waterways I have come to realise that the waterways have triggered yet another epoch in our Countries history. The new epoch is characterised by poor hanging lock gates, requiring a small army to operate. The skills knowledge and care of the once apprenticed waterways tradesman. Now given over to 'fix it cheap' guaranteed for a year, concrete pouring conglomerates.

Now we enjoy a time of time worn and broken paddles. That now seem to create a sense of wonderment, whenever we find two paddles still working. The ever changing local landscape as collapsed banks are slowly eroding the farmland into the water. Add into the mix the sold off parts of the canal infrastructure now covered in the developers 'Sardine Houses' crammed and shoehorned into every tiny space. Built sold at inflated prices to enjoy the waterways vista, but first festooned with no mooring signs.

Canal side buildings with broken windows, protected rust with coils of razor wire. The bunting replaced with the remains of multicoloured plastic bags on each point. Buildings that resemble on land the last of the remains of abandoned hulks in the water. Napoleon characterised us as a nation of shop keepers. Now we would be characterised as a nation of supermarket shoppers. A new disease where we are wrecked with cheap consumption.

Our power base as an industrialised nation has been moved to the far east. Where products ordered from china now arrive before those ordered from the local high street. Welcome to a new epoch in our countries time-line. Another momentous moment in our history. Once more to be ushered in by the inland waterways. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the de-industrialised revolution.

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