Saturday, 25 October 2014

Veteran and the Vet (2)

Continued from Veteran and the Vet (1) 

Abbey is at a low ebb, once again. The recent bout of sickness has certainly taken its toll. So we looked on line and found a vet close by to where we are moored at Burton upon Trent. We rang them and got an emergency appointment.  We described her symptoms and what we had been doing - re dosing her with Pepto Bismol and getting regular amounts fluids into her.  The vet said that we had done the right thing and that her fluid level was not to bad.    

Test for fluids by pinching the skin on the back of the neck and pull it up, it should quickly settle back in place when let go.)  

Does my bum look big in this?
So it was an anti-biotic injection - plus a five day course of anti-biotic tablets. A rehydration pack and a course of steroids were also prescribed. Cost £41 which when compared to the other veterinary practice estimate of (£320) we thought very reasonable. Since the visit to the Glenthorne practice, she has improved once again.  She is much more lively and alert in a lazy, laid-back sort of way. I'm pleased to say that she is back to enjoying her walks and maintaining a set level of mayhem aboard the boat. So we think that Glenthorne Veterinary Group (Burton upon Trent) as a practice are wonderful.

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