Monday, 6 October 2014

Eyes Wide Shut!

I have been having to squint my eyes a bit more than usual of late. The Memsahib kept saying - it must be time to get your 'mince pies' tested again. 

So I went to SpecSavers to get the old minces checked out and to browse the racks for a new pair of glasses frames. 

Well gosh and golly it they were not having a BOGOFF sale. (Buy One Get One Free) Not only that but they had a special deal for canal boat owners. 

So I am now the proud owner of a pair of 'CaRT glasses'. (Canal and Reality Transformation) These glasses have a special quality and automatically take the wearer back in time to when the Canal infrastructure still worked. Owning and cruising the Inland Waterways while wearing the glasses will give CaRT's view on how good the infrastructure still is. 

I did of course get a pair of standard vision 'SpecSavers glasses'. These come without the modified vision of the 'gloss and glitz' and 'heritage improver' qualities provided by the CaRT glasses.

Their in lies the nub of my problem. Should I wear the CaRT glasses or the natural Specsaver glasses when out cruising the Inland Waterways.

The image on the right is typical of what I see while wearing my Rose Tinted Canal and Reality Transformation glasses. With the gloss and glitz and heritage improver lenses.

While image on the left is what I see while wearing my standard vision SpecSavers lenses.

The standard lenses are made to provide excellent vision. With good optical qualities of colour and detail.

As always the 'Rose of Arden' team have scoured the internet and have located a downloadable pair of CaRT glasses as a service to boaters. In the spirit of try-before you buy and until such time as you can purchase your own.

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