Saturday, 4 October 2014

Elephant Spotted on the Canal!

I think the Canal and River Trust has completely an utterly lost the plot.....

The trust is orchestrating something akin to a crusade against people that the trust perceives are bending or breaking the rules.  To be honest, I don't have a problem with that - after all its a simple enforcement issue. Enforcement is after all not rocket science. So enforcement should not prove to be beyond the reach of the trust.

However, the unintended consequence is that every other fully compliant and innocent boater is fast becoming part of the 'collateral damage.'  Which is an American euphemism for, innocent victims. 

Identification Aid
Now call me old and cynical if you must, but I have spotted the Elephant in the room on this issue. It's a simple problem with an even simpler solution. If individual boaters are breaking the rules. Then the trust through its enforcement team should be able to deal with the individuals concerned. Breaking the rules is after all an enforcement issue. I will say that again - breaking the rules is an enforcement issue.  

No matter how much hand wringing goes on, you make the rules so then you are expected to enforce them. If the enforcement team within the trust are unable to deal with a simple rule breaking situation. Then the enforcement team is not fit for purpose. The enforcement team needs to be a proactive managed unit, until such time as it can do the job that it is intended to fulfil. If it is undermanned and under resourced it will never be able to fulfil expectations. 

At a time when the trust needs all the friends it can find. At a time when boat numbers are important revenue stream to the trust. At a time when the numbers of boats continue to fall and decline.  Its not a good idea to upset the remaining paying participants because even more of them will vote with their money. 

So I ask why are all the changes taking place with existing time limits on the Inland Waterways visitor moorings.  This stupid notion, that shortening time limits will effect a change in the mindset of individuals that don't care a jot is beggars belief. The changes that are taking place will actually directly penalise (collateral damage) the people who do play by the rules.  Bringing a whole new twist the medieval practice of having a whipping boy.

It's a simple fact of life, that every pissed off punter, is an advocate against the trust. As a charity which increasingly needs more and more public funding, the signs are not looking good.

Move along now - your time is up!
Most boaters have their popular places to stay, its part of the pleasure of boating. Now, instead of pre-planing a few days of enjoyment with family and friends. They have to start thinking about moving on. Instead of planning their movements with some dependence on the prevailing weather conditions. They will feel pressed into moving, even in the teeth of a gale or monsoon. As for those that don't give a jot - it will be business as usual for them. As they continue to cock the proverbial deaf ear and snook at the trust. 

Continued in Hippopotamus Spotted on the Canal!

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