Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Windows 7 Tools and Tips (1)

Windows 7 Tools and Tips 

May also work with windows 8

It has been quite a while since I touched on 'computermabob' things. Its not that I don't still mess around with IT - even if I have been retired from such things for a while now.  Like an old boat stuck in the mud of the English canal system. I have not moved on to using windows version 8 because in the main its only windows 7 with a new overcoat. A bit like CaRT is still BW with a thin coat of paint.
Once upon a time windows was a creaky patched together system of small programs with a loose collection of icons provided as the user interface. Things moved on and through the versions things have become slicker even if underneath the glitz of the user interface many of the old things still survive. The small programs (applets) giving access to some of the hidden features or even games were given the name Easter Eggs, because you had to go looking to find them.
Many versions of Windows have additional features that are useful to the user, however this time they are hidden away in full view, by being buried deep inside the various windows menus.  But once again, the code writers hid ways to short cut to many of the applets for developers and systems administrators. Euphemistically known as God Mode. This is achieved by the simple creation a folder with a certain name, users have access to all of the operating system's control panels. Because inside the folder is a list of 256 Windows tools.

To create this folder, take the following steps: 
First highlight and copy the text below (including the full stop)
Now, right-click in an empty spot on the desktop and select New Folder
Then type in a name for the new folder, say 'GodMode' 
Then paste after the name the copied text and press return.

Click to open the folder and a whole list of programs will be inside the folder. So instead of searching through menus or trying to remember the name. They are all available in one spot on the desktop. Simples!

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  1. Hi Mike,

    "May also work with windows 8" - It does.

    Thanks for this, looks very useful.



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