Saturday, 20 September 2014

250,000 Blog Visitors.

Well another significant milestone has been reached - a quarter of a million visitors to the web blog. When I set out to write what was to all intents and purposes a diary. Based upon our finding a boat and then cruising the inland waterways system. I never expected to have this sort of reading figures. 

I remember being quite surprised when it went through 10,000 visits. Now I get close to that sort of figure each month. Its 1724 days since I first started blogging on here. I have written 2008 postings in that time. 

In the time when I first started writing the blog there were many other 'boating blogs' in the blogosphere. Some of which I'm sorry to say have now been and gone.  I think this is part of the general trend of people moving away from boating on the rivers and canals. It will be interesting to see how things change in the next few years.

I did think of doing something different. But the enjoyment I get from blogging soon outweighed the alternatives.  So I suppose I shall for the foreseeable future continue to blog and write articles for NarrowBoat World and other social media sites.  I shall continue to prod and poke the trust awake and get them heading in the direction that the primary users of the canal want.

Here is to the next 250,000 visitors. 

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