Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Calorifier Woes.

We are out and about enjoying a summer cruise. Late in the evening we heard the water pump start up. It ran a bit longer than usual. A few moments later it started up once again, then again then again. The alarm annunciator started sounding for the bilge pump. I turned off the water pump and went to investigate. I could hear a trickle of water under the back stairs. There was a leak on the calorifier. Stairs taken apart and the pipe fittings were checked, but no leaks on them. So my worst fears were proved correct.

I conducted a search on the internet and calorifiers are readily available. However, we would be paying about £400/450 for a replacement. It seems that our calorifier is a non standard configuration, has a mains immersion, has twin coils and is horizontal fitting. Each addition would add to the basic price. 

Then I found Newark Copper Cylinders on line. A phone call to them was answered and advice was offered about what to do. So it was out with the old tank and it would be used as a template for constructing a new one if needed. I removed the calorifier and transported it to their workshop. It was tested and found to have a significant leak. So we chose a replacement rather than a repair. 24 hours later a phone call said our calorifier had been constructed and was now ready for collection. 

Price wise, the cost was around half the highest price we had been quoted elsewhere. It was also a significant saving over the eBay specials. 

Newark Copper Cylinders provided us with a first class service and product. Add their number to your boating diary - you never know when you just might need their help. 

 Click Here to go to their website.

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