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Canal Cuttings (14)

This is just one of a series of around fifty old newspaper articles that I have been reading. I have been researching from old newspapers and magazines the last 200 years or so of the inland waterways. With particular interest in the issues of the day that were effecting the canals. The most active periods for evaluation and change, has always been just prior, during and shortly after the two world wars. It should be remembered that between the wars the ownership of some of the canals changed hands as the railway companies bought up the waterways to get reduce competition. What is not clear is the effect this early form of asset stripping had on the viability of the inland waterways. Its good to take a look back at what people were saying and doing in the past. Most surprising of all are some of the problems that beset the canals back then - are still prevalent today. Reading old newspapers can throw up some rather interesting stories. Here is what we would call today a couple of public interest story.

Caveat: Some of the articles are difficult to read and even using modern electronic  scanning and text conversion methods. The odd punctuation, word or character may have been transcribed in error. 

Sussex Weekly Advertiser
31st of August, 1811


NOTICE is hereby given, That Application is intended to be made to Parliament in the ensuing Session, for leave to bring in a Bill for the purpose of obtaining an Act for making and maintaining a Navigable Cut or Canal, with proper tunnels, aqueducts, towing paths, bridges, culverts, reservoirs, channels, feeders, basins, quays, warehouses, locks, and other necessary works, from the River Wey, at or near a certain place called Stonebridge, in the parish of Shalford, in the county of Surrey, to the River Arun, at or near a certain place called Newbridge, in the parish of Wisborough Green, in the county of Sussex; and which said Cut or Canal, and other works, is or are intended to be made and carried, and to pass in, to, or through, the several parishes of Shalford, Bramley, Wonersh, Dunsfold, Cranley, Albury, Ewhurst, Hascomb, and Alfold, or some or one of them, in the county of Surrey; and in, to, or through, the several parishes of Wisborough Green, Rudgwick, and Billingshurst, in the county of Sussex.

J. SMALLPIECE, Solicitor, Guildford.
Dated this 31st day of August, 1811. 

Leeds Intelligencer
January 18, 1791.

A few weeks ago some persons were passing the evening at the Hercules, behind the Change, when a Bank Clerk dared a Jew that was present, to eat a pork chop, offering him a guinea as a temptation; the Levite, however, had the fear of God too much before his eyes to be so easily tempted; the Clerk finding him proof so far, went on, one by one, till he had laid ten guineas on the table; here poor human nature gave way; the Jew calmly swept the money into his pocket, called for his pork chop and eat it; the laugh rather going against the Clerk, and on reflection finding his money but badly laid out, he insisted on its being returned, talked of only joking, but Moses was in earnest, he had earned the money and would keep it, an Attorney, a friend of the Clerk's, here interfering, they threatened to charge a Constable with him, and send him to the Compter, if he did not refund; all would not do, he remained obstinate, and after much ill treatment, in which the Attorney struck him, they procured a Constable and sent him to the Compter; it being Saturday, he was obliged to lie there till the Monday. On a hearing before the Lord Mayor he was immediately discharged; he commenced his action against the Clerk for false imprisonment, and against the Attorney for an assault; it came to trial before Lord Loughborough; from the first he obtained £50 damages, from the last 40s. Who in few shall dare a Jew to eat pork ! £62. 10s for eating a chop only! but though there are few Jews but would eat a whole hog for half the money, surely the Synagogue cannot suffer such a flagrant breach of their laws to pass unnoticed.

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