Friday, 18 April 2014

Shiny Boat Brigade

I was enchanted by the emailed comment 'shiny boat brigade' by Jennifer MacGillivray on Narrowboat World.  'I have noticed of late the increasing use of the phrase 'shiny boat brigade' as a term of abuse. I am the proud owner of a shiny boat and I work hard to keep it that way, but it seems to be implied that anyone who has a shiny boat is a rich snob.' 

I did not think that 'shiny boat' was all that popular as a term of derision. So I did a search on the instances of word 'brigade' instead. What an interesting outcome. It brought up about thirty instances of interesting NBW articles. The most popular instance of 'brigade' was understandably the 'Fire Brigade' However running in a close second place was  the derogatory description of CaRT management the 'Ivory Towers Brigade' The expected 'Health and Safety Brigade' put in an appearance. A more surprising one was the 'Pretty Flower Brigade'. Nothing happens on the cut today without mention of the 'Continuous Moorer Brigade'. The 'Nature Brigade' also got a mention in despatches. As did the 'Brigade of Guards' and a new one on me was the 'Freight Back on the Waterways Brigade'. The ever so nice 'Sod You Brigade' was accompanied by the 'Selfish Brigade'. A more rare example was the 'Licence Brigade' and my favourite of all - the 'ting ting - get out of my way brigade'. The closest I could find to shiny boats was the wonderful and evocative 'Floating Cottage Brigade'.

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