Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Christmas Tree

The scent of pine has slowly faded as the rootless Christmas tree has succumbed to dessication. What's left of the pine needles now litter the corners of the room. Santa and the supersonic reindeer are safely ensconced once more at the North Pole. Various gifts have been given, accepted or exchanged. All the various feasts have been prepared and consumed. Mince pie, Christmas cake, turkey, pork and sprouts. All delightful ingredients that figure in the Christmas menu again and again. 

Then there are useful things that can make Christmas a bit more bearable maybe even enjoyable. Probably the best one is the advent calendar. This is a calendar where each day of the month is listed on a door. Then each day a door is opened to reveal a small treat. 

 But, that's the festive season over for yet another year.

Time to pack away the decorative tinsel and baubles for another year. With that task comes the additional problem of disposal of the remains of the tree. Now depending on size it might get into the green garden waste bin to avoid the landfill. It could be the boot of the car for a trip to the dump-it site to be obliterated by the chipper machine and turned into garden mulch. Or if its of a good size it might make a few small logs for the log burning stove. Your tree might have a root ball and so it could be replanted and given a second chance to grow to maturity. Otherwise a bit of covert fly-tipping might see it end its days in the popular hydroponic area of the local canal.

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