Monday, 17 March 2014

Old Waterway Photograph (10)

Collecting postcards, or Deltiology as it is known, is a fascinating hobby. Our recent history has to a point been documented by postcards. It's curious in a way even with all the wonderful advances in technology. It's hard to believe that the good old picture postcard is still with us and still going strong. I did a posting on collecting old photographic postcards. Which gives some simple background information about what is an interesting hobby.  Click Here

Barron's Glass Works on the South Yorkshire Navigation. Established in 1850, by Thomas and Joseph Barron at Mexborough. The business was successful. The brothers dissolved their partnership in 1864, and split the ownership of the works into two firms. One part, later known as the Phoenix works, became the sole property of Thomas (1812-1887), and subsequently his sons. According to a newspaper article published in 1910, the most prosperous period for the Phoenix work was between 1872 and 1888, when it produced 200,000 bottles of many varieties a week and employed between 350 and 400. The company closed in the early 1920s.

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