Monday, 10 March 2014

Conservation Thought for Today (1)

Conservation Thought for Today. 

We in the developed world are wanting to stop the destruction of forests around the world. Yet at the same time our government wants to include an organic element in the fuel we use.  The Organic element of our fuel is grown on large monoculture farms which are created by tearing down the natural tropical rain forest.

Trees that can take over a hundred years to to grow to maturity and provide essential habitat for the wildlife. Ripped up and burnt in a process called slash and burn. After a few seasons the ground is so impoverished of nutrient that it can't sustain other crops and is abandoned. Leading to another swathe of forest that is slash and burnt as a replacement.

But the message is right as well as being wrong. The vast majority of Oxygen (98%) is created by plankton in the oceans. Trees only provide a tiny amount of Oxygen. But what the trees do is lock up atmospheric carbon. Which is released back into the atmosphere when the trees are burned.

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