Saturday, 15 February 2014

Cam Con

I see that the problems down at the Cam Conservators continue a pace. Malcolm Schofield, one of 13 Conservators on the Board, has attacked the Conservators on the way they run the river and particularly causing the resignation of River Manager Dr Philippa Noon, who has held the position since 2006.  She has just handed in her resignation, with her office in such condition she is unable to work late due to health and safety reasons.

I recently did a bit of research on visitor numbers to the inland waterways. One of the contacts I made was with Philipa Noon of the Cam Conservators. I had made a freedom of information request looking for information on visitor numbers. Within four days I received an extensive and very helpful reply from Dr Noon.

My questions were: Could you supply annual visitor numbers to the inland waterways managed by the conservators. If possible can you provide figures for the number of individuals and a figure for total number of visits. If you collect data on visitor numbers. Could you also provide a description of the methodology that you use to collect the data.

Dr Noon gave a very comprehensive and refreshing reply. One which would be an ideal example for other waterways authorities to adopt.  Doctor Noon's comments included: 'I should say that the unpopularity of the current licensing arrangements has significantly reduced the number of visiting craft since 2011. I estimate the reduction may be as much as 50% although we have not undertaken a formal analysis of boat observations.'

For anyone intrested the full FoI request can be viewed here.

I imagine that the Conservators have now lost someone who was obviously a very valuable and commited member of staff.  I wish Dr Noon well for the future.

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