Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bat Information

For those like me who are interested in all things to do with our nocturnal wildlife to be found along the canal which in our case are bats.Some bats will hibernate for the whole of the winter whilst other bats will wake up from time to time in warmer spells before settling back to hibernate again. Here is some information about the individual species with pictures and ways to identify them. The document is made up in two parts and each part is a PDF file. 

The document is titled: 'Illustrated identification key to the bats of Europe' and is by by Christian Dietz and Otto von Helversen. Containing some 228 photographs and 14 drawings.

The first part of the identification key is written mainly for students and beginners in the studies of bats, as most of the groups can be identified quite easily. The separated keys to the more difficult groups are addressed mainly to the more experienced field workers to help them when faced with an unknown species or with the most difficult groups of very similar bats. 

Click Here for Pt 1     Click Here for Pt 2

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