Saturday, 4 January 2014

You can't make it up.

Under the 30 year rule and the release of documents. The doyen of the unthinking classes that was Thatcher. Has been seen to be an unmitigated liar. Not once but again and again. Just as she and her government manipulated the Hillsborough disaster with falsified police statements. So it was the same with the miners strike and the same police force. At Westminster 42 MPs have signed a Commons motion seeking an inquiry into the alleged manipulation of statements by police at Orgreave, and the wider policing of the strike.  

Conservative MP Sir Peter Bottomley, an employment minister under Thatcher during part of the dispute, has signed the motion. "If there is nothing to hide, nothing will be hidden. If there is something to hide it should be exposed. The key point is that the police are even more accountable than the people who organise mass picketing."

Ms Vera Baird QC said: "The Orgreave trial had at its core what I can't describe in any other way than a plot to pervert the course of justice."

Barbara Jackson of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign. "We think because the police had already got away with what happened at Orgreave - nobody was held to account, no officer, no force - the police were then emboldened to take the same view that they could mislead and fabricate things at Hillsborough as well." 

Michael Mansfield QC, who has direct involvement with both campaigns, agrees and believes the miners, like the Hillsborough families, deserve to find out what happened.

No officers who fabricated evidence and forged statements were prosecuted or disciplined as a result of the Orgreave trial, when 93 defendants were found not guilty. South Yorkshire Police has now referred itself to the Independent Police Complaints Commission after allegations about fabricated evidence and forged statements of police officer statements.

So what of Thatcher - this Government was aware what was in the records and yet they wanted to give her a state funeral. So I suspect that there is little in the way of change between the various Tory administrations - Well gosh and golly I'm right again.

You can't make it up. 

Whoops the Tory liars just did!

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