Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Autumnal Pipe Dream

This is something of a special moment as I am reaching another milestone on the blog. It's 1434 days or 123,897,600 seconds or 2,064,960 minutes or 34,416 hours or 204 weeks. Since I first started blogging.  So what's so special - this is the 1,500 posting.  That's works out at 1.045 postings a day. 

So what else is happening....

Winter is generally perceived to be a quiet time for our native wildlife. The trees are closing down for another year and are busy off loading their leaves. The Robin in the hedgerow has moved south to where the weather is a little bit warmer and has been displaced by other Robins arriving from Scandinavia. There are the other species lying almost dormant such as the hedgehog or going into serious hibernation like the dormouse and bats.  I have to admit that the prospect of hibernation is sometimes a tempting pipe dream for my boating exploits to be able to do the same.  How nice would it be to be able to go to my nice warm bed on a nice warm boat and set the alarm for spring!

This morning it was a spectacular sunrise over Sheffield. One that I witnessed due to Poppy the dog waking me from my bunk. It all started before sunrise with the feint sound of a fox barking somewhere down the canal. Poppy was  stirred to do that low throaty grumble by her much deeper instincts. Instincts that had been bred into her over many generations as her ancestors are wire haired fox terriers. She was on edge and like all dogs wanted to do an external security check. So I let her out of the aft door to be confronted by a spectacular sunrise. After snapping a couple of photographs I was also drawn by a deeper instinct of my own. To get back on the boat to resume enjoyment the warmth of the stove. An instinct that goes back to our ancient ancestry and the first use of fire. Plus it's a bit cold in thin pyjamas.


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