Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Animal Cruelty


Huge clothing retailer, H&M, ceased production of all its angora products last week, in response to horrific video footage released by PETA that shows rabbits screaming in pain as their fur is torn off at angora farms in China. Sadly, Zara is refusing to do the same -- at the time of writing, there are still 47 angora items for sale on the Zara website.

Workers in China were secretly filmed by PETA, plucking angora rabbits of all their long, soft fur while they scream. Plucking a rabbit without causing harm takes up to two weeks of gently removing the loosened hair, but here it takes only a few, violent minutes.

After this tortuous experience, which the rabbits endure every three months, many of them appeared to go into shock, lying motionless inside their tiny, filthy cages.

Sign the petition now to tell Zara to stop production of its angora products immediately. 

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