Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Old Cynic

The Old Cynic.

I'm a dyed in the wool, old cynic;
well, that's what I have been told;
I'm not one, for chasing rainbows;
for this old crocks, not full of gold.

Being grumpy, caustic and acerbic;
but being witty, is what I like to think;
sharing my thoughts, through my words;
as we start to wobble, upon the brink.

Why should I be, a pessimistic old git;
why its the money, that I spend on the boat;
with no ownership of the inland waterways;
its an expensive pastime, keeping both afloat.

Often portrayed as the idyllic lifestyle;
but for just who, is what you should ask;
is it the boaters, or the big salaried directors;
finding an idyllic answer, is a very easy task.

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