Sunday, 10 November 2013

Smartphone Apps for Boaters (27)

No matter which genre of smartphone you own or are thinking to buy. The apps that are available will have an influence on how happy you are with the phone. There are plenty of top quality apps that you can download. However for me There's always a remarkable sub-selection of apps that are totally free.
The wonderfully named 'Android' phone seems to have cornered the market in the same way that VHS did with tape systems. Android's open source strategy is the main factor for its success. Being a free platform has expanded the Android device install base, which in turn has driven growth in the number of third party multi-platform and mobile operator apps available.
Did you know:
The surface of your smartphone acts as a heat sink, allowing the device to remain at a safe operating temperature. If external factors, such as a insulated case or an internal fault, prevent the phone from cooling itself effectively, it will switch into protect mode. Overheating damages the battery and leaves it is less capable of holding charge in future. Never leave your smartphone in a hot car, or anywhere else that's hot either.

Today's smartphone app will be of use to anyone who wants to know what's on the goggle box. Program listings for terrestrial digital TV as well as satellite channels are readily available. 

TV Guide 24 is one such Android app for terrestrial digital channels in the UK.

The guide now offers listings for over 430 channels in the UK and Ireland. Full support for Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media, Freesat, Topup, UPC and Saorview. See what's on TV now and next, up to two weeks ahead.
You can add reminders and get alerts before your programme starts.

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