Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lucky Kitten

We returned back to the marina at about 9:30 last night. As we made our way down the drive towards our mooring we spotted a bundle laid in the road.  The Memsahib out of the car and picked up a kitten that was in a bad state. It was cold and unconscious with blood on its face. It was having difficulty breathing.

We wrapped the kitten in a blanket to keep it warm and contacted the RSPCA on the national emergency number. (0300 1234 999) The inspector was with us within the hour. While we were waiting and as the kitten warmed up its breathing became more normal. Snuggled up in the blanket on my knee, I was able to see a few reactions from time to time. Occasionally the kitten would give the odd twitch and give an occasional plaintive mewing noise.

Soon its eyes began to flicker open for a few seconds, before it lapsed back into unconsciousness. The kittens breathing became more normal and now it started to twitch its legs. The RSPCA inspector rang to say that she had arrived at the gates. It was at this time that the kitten tried to crawl out of the blanket. But once again lapsed unconscious. The inspector came aboard the boat and as we placed the kitten into a travelling cage it tried to escape again. It seemed to have an injury to one of its back legs.

Like all animals that get injured on the roads. It initial condition did not look good. We don't know what the long term prognosis is, but the inspector said that she would ring back and let us know the outcome. She would take the kitten to the RSPCA centre for an examination by a vet.  So 'Lucky' the kitten must take his or her chances but if nothing else the kitten is a fiesty little fighter. But may be a few lives short of the standard issue of nine.

We will let you know how things go. 

Update: We had a phone call from Jenny the RSPCA inspector this morning. Unfortunatly, when examined by the vet, the kitten had a number of serious conditions including a serious head trauma, broken lower and upper jaw, internal bleeding into an eye socket as well as a broken leg. Under the circumstances it was the last kindness of all to put 'Lucky' the kitten to sleep.  

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