Thursday, 7 November 2013

Batteries have a finite life

All batteries have a finite life. From the moment they are constructed the clock is ticking. The best maintained batteries in the world will one day roll over and die. However, as boaters we want to make our batteries last as long as possible. So we need to care and nurture them. 

Premature ageing of a battery comes around because of many reasons. For instance if the battery is discharged too deeply. Charged too rapidly and not fully charging are some of the other issues. The operating temperature of a battery also has a significant effect upon battery life. Another phenomena to be taken into account with battery maintenance, is self-discharge. 

All this will sound like a black art and so it is. However, there is some good information available on the Internet. Energy Unlimited by Reinout Vader should be essential reading for everyone who would like to get a handle on the care and nurturing of the boaters best friend - the battery bank.

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