Wednesday, 16 October 2013

CaRT Mascot

On the lighter side of 'thinking out of the box.' I was wondering if the Canal and River Trust should have a Mascot. After all, the team that brought you trees in boats and poetry on lock gates. Plus it's the sort of thing that appeals to children so I thought the idea would also appeal to the Canal and River Trust Council. 

We often see fluffy furry mascots in the UK at rugby and football grounds. Mascots also get used at larger events such as the world cup (remember World Cup Willy) or sometimes more than one mascot is used.  Remember the sinister looking one-eyed Wenlock and Mandeville as used at the London Olympic Games. (no me neither)

I think I have come across a ready made mascot that could easily be donated for free, for the Canal and River Trust to use.  A mascot that encompasses the new dawn symbolised by the sunrise. Symbolising CaRT's new found interest in flora and fauna with bird wings. As well as the egg symbolising CaRT's re-birth from BW.

It seems that cuddly mascots are also commonplace among Japanese companies. Where mascot names are often formed from a pick and mix of English and Japanese words, resulting in the odd and surprising unexpected consequence.

Fridge manufacturer Fukushima Industries, which does not have any connection to the nuclear plant of the same name that leaked radio active materials in 2011 after a severe earthquake and tsunami. A message on the company’s website alongside the new mascot read: ‘I’m Fukuppy. I think I’m kind, with a strong sense of justice, but people say I’m a little bit scatter-brained.’

Fukushima Industries that named its new mascot Fukuppy has admitted it is thinking of starting a re-branding exercise. Fukuppy, which resembles a smiling egg with wings wearing red shoes, is a contraction of the company’s name and the English word happy, and is pronounced foo-koo-pee in Japanese.

This is not my first attempt at re-branding the inland waterways. I suggested a new logo for British Waterways some three years ago. Click Here to view.

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