Friday, 2 August 2013

One of those days!

I was stirred awake at 7am with Poppy growling and loud splashing noises from somewhere near the boat. A looked out of the window and there was a fisherman on the far bank of 'Eastern European' appearance. He was having a tussle with a large fish. This contest went on for some time, and I made a cup of tea as I watched. I was intending to keep an eye on the fisherman to make sure the fish was returned to the water. There are stories of fish being taken home for the pot. So far the fisherman was preoccupied and had not seen me.

The fish began to tire, then as the fisherman went to land the fish with his big landing net. He dropped the net and it went into the water. There was just a tiny bit of the handle showing out of the water. It was beginning to sink out of sight. He was forced to put down the rod to retrieve the landing net. As he was prostrate on the towpath retrieving the net. The fish made yet another mighty lunge and almost pulled the rod into the canal. Then the mighty fisherman dropped the landing net on the bank and made a lunge himself. He managed to grab his rod once more. The tussle between man and fish continued. The fisherman was obviously relieved to be in charge of the contest once again. 

The tussle between man and fish continued. The battle was re-commenced. Then the fisherman stood on his landing net which he had dropped on the floor and broke the handle. Now it was in two parts, it was broken just below the net. Still the tussle between man and fish continued. Though there was little the fisherman could do. I continued to watch and drink my tea. The fisherman was obviously loosing control and was  no longer in charge of the contest again. 

Too the victor, the spoils as the fish eventually broke the line and escaped. I had to suppress the urge to do a 'high five, yes, yes, yes!' I could see that the man was now looking very annoyed, so I continued to watch drinking my tea. Then he spotted me! Now I was the onlooking spectator and had witnessed the comedy performance. Not only that, but he had been out smarted by the fish. So I said nothing, as he sheepishly packed up his bits and pieces and went home! As for the fish, there are some very large pike, bream and carp around here. I have no idea what kind of fish it was. I never caught sight of it but it will live on longer and will be a little bit wiser.

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