Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Stephen Lawrence

"I believe that a huge number of people would support the call by Neville Lawrence for an independent, judge-led inquiry into the allegations of Peter Francis that the Met SDS was tasked with finding ways to smear the reputation of the Lawrence family, rather than carry out a thorough investigation into the brutal, racist murder of their son Stephen. 
I believe that tagging an investigation onto two pre-existing inquiries is an inadequate response, as this is yet another example of the serially corrupt conduct of the Met, and in order to restore confidence in the force amongst both the minority and the majority ethnic communities of the country we need a root and branch investigation of the Met's culture then, and the extent to which it informs current policy and practice." 

Robin Landman OBE

Is this going to be yet another 'Hillsborough' cover-up. Everyone knows the anguish that South Yorkshire Police put the Liverpool families through. If you agree that it is time that the Lawrence family saw justice - If you agree that its time that everything was out in the open and the Lawrence family could finally have some closure. If you believe its time that all of the murderers of Stephen were brought to justice. If you like me believe that the only people with any real dignity in this matter are the Lawrence family.

Then you can sign the petition here: Click Here


Dear Mick
I'm amazed. Already over 80,000 people have signed the petition demanding a proper, independent inquiry into allegations that undercover police tried to smear the Lawrence family. Thank you so much for being part of this. Thank you for standing with me on this.
Robin Landman OBE

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