Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Rapporteur led investigation.

Looks like there's going to be some interesting discussions taking place about the future of canals and rivers in and around London. The Greater London Authority has set in place a rapporteur led investigation into the availability and operation of moorings on London’s waterways made up of a number of canals and navigable rivers.

The only fly in the ointment is that information on this rapporteur led investigation has not been circulated amongst the boating fraternity very well. Yet the outcome of this could have the potential to have a serious knock on for all boaters.

As usual unfounded speculation is starting to appear. However, I believe that if the investigation is conducted in an open and transparent way. With contributions being accepted from all parties and not limited in scope. Then there is the potential for a clear set of guidelines and recommendations to be made.

The founding document can be viewed here:- Click Me

Any moderated discussion on current moorings issues could prove to be very useful. There has long been speculation about the current mooring auction process. This should allow for discussion and examination of how they operate and do they discriminate.  I'm not aware of any meaningful discussion nationally on the the number and placement of visitor moorings and once again this could be a useful exercise. 

There has been the recent consultation or forgone conclusion on the south east visitor moorings. With meaningful consultation or non consultation, depending upon your viewpoint. Which highlighted the variable length of stay periods available and enforcement of fines or charges as an outcome. The viability of which are also dependant on your personal viewpoint.

If you are not familiar with the role of a Rapporteur. (In this instance Jenny Jones) The rapporteur is a person appointed by an organization to report back on the proceedings of meetings and other methods used to collate evidence. 
If you have any constructive contribution to make. I suggest that you discuss this with fellow boaters and put together a meaningful response. This is an opportunity not to be missed, there might not be another one anytime soon.


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