Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Is it me?

Is it me?

I have just been listening to that Michael Gove chap, the weird looking one in government. The one with a set of ill fitting glasses that's been placed in charge of schools. Now he is spouting about his current (third) attempt to come up with a new examination system. 

Now, call me old and cynical but from my time spent in Higher Education. The one thing I know about recent cohorts of students is that for the last few years they have been arriving with little or no experience or understanding of the examination process. 

In June 2012 he announced that he wanted to bring back O levels. The whole scheme was trashed by parents, schools and the government. He was packed off to think again. 

After doing a U Turn he was back in September 2012. Gove announced that he would abolish GCSEs and replace them with another exam, the English baccalaureate certificate. 

Then after doing his second U Turn in six months. In February 2013 Gove was back once more and presented a revised version of his plans, Gove said that he had given up plans to rename the new exam the English baccalaureate certificate, and he was abandoning plans to have just one exam board for every subject.

Can someone please get someone in place who will consult with school teachers and academics. Listen carefully to their sage advice and then come up with a system that actually benefits our children. This ongoing game of musical chairs with our children's future is doing no good to anyone.

Gove! Everyone wants to be in the number one grouping... It's simple... Make top spot number one not number eight. U Twonk!


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