Sunday, 26 May 2013

Zip up your do dah!

I have a pair of jeans that need a replacement zip. There is a small tag that lodges into the zip to stop the fastener from sliding down. Mine has broken off and at odd times, I have found myself flying low so to speak. 

A zipper costs relatively little, but if it fails, the garment may be unusable until the zipper is repaired or replaced, which can be quite expensive. Problems often lie with the zipper slider; when it becomes worn, it can either jam or partially break off.

Then I came across a solution on the Internet. This quick fix proves that mans ingenuity knows no limit. All that is needed is one of those circular clips that are frequently used to fasten keys together. In size its about an inch across. Feed the clip onto the end of the zip puller.

To use, clip the ring over the waistband button and then button through the hole. This hides the ring and ensures that your modesty is protected at all times. I have used the circular clips in the past to replace broken zipper tags. By passing the ring through the zip slider.

On the same site, I came across a use for those nasty cheap plastic trouser hangers. I have found that the cheap plastic trouser hangers are pretty useless for hanging trousers. But now, they are good for holding a magazine when preparing a menu in the kitchen.

Even women's ingenuity is pretty good as well.


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