Wednesday, 8 May 2013

This is justice and she is a Banana

If that's justice, then I'm a banana

Ian Hislop often to be seen on "Have I Got News For You" famously said: "If that's justice, then I'm a banana". 

This was a comment he made on the steps of the high court, after Sonia Sutcliffe the wife of the Yorkshire Ripper won damages of £600,000 against the satirical magazine Private Eye. 

Mrs Sutcliffe's defence lawyers said: "She did not want to capitalise on what her husband had done."

The award at the time was £100,000 more than the previous record British libel sum. (The damages were later reduced to £60,000 on appeal.)

A mother who won £95,000 on the TV show Deal or No Deal has been sentenced for benefit fraud after "deliberately covering up" her winnings. Caroline Banana got herself into a whole bunch of trouble and was ordered to do 215 hours of unpaid work. As the judge said "any honest person would have declared the windfall within a short time of receiving it."

This is justice and she is a Banana

Stoke City Council said Banana had been overpaid a total of about £7,200 in housing benefit, council tax and income support.

Banana was ordered to repay £2,517 to the Department for Work and Pensions.

Banana was ordered to repay £3,795 to Stoke City Council. Banana was ordered to pay £350 in costs. 

Banana also admitted failing to declare her employment at a chemist, a medical surgery and Longton Cottage Hospital.

Banana, also admitted making a false representation on an Income Support application. 

Banana also pleaded guilty to wrongly claiming free school meals for her three children.

You have got to hand it to Banana who got herself into a whole bunch of trouble.


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