Monday, 29 April 2013

Electric Scooter

Not got a lot of room on your narrowboat for carrying your own transport. Your boat insurance does not cover petrol powered transport. Then how about a Suitcase-Sized Electric Scooter that you can charge at the same time as your leisure battery bank?

The Boxx Corp has introduced a new box-shaped two-wheel drive electric scooter, measuring just a meter in length (39 inches). The Boxx scooter measures just 39 inches long, is 8 inches wide and stands 36 inches tall, making it about the size of a suitcase, like Honda’s Motocompo folding scooter or the recently unveiled Motor Compo concept scooter. Visually, the Boxx looks like a large desktop computer tower, and even comes in a choice of ten colors, giving it a bit of Apple’s iPod aesthetics.

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Top speed is restricted to 35 mph, depending on region, to make it legal for riders with a moped license to operate. Boxx Corp claims a range of up to 20 miles in standard mode or 40 miles in “ECO” mode. Boxx Corp says the charge time is said to be around 4 hours with a standard charger, and 1 hour with an upgraded charger. The Boxx scooter comes standard with ABS, traction control and two wheel drive. Other features include LED lighting, two storage bays, 10 inch wheels and, fittingly for a suitcase bike, front and rear carry handles. Boxx Corp. says it is donating a portion of its proceeds towards organizations dedicated to preserving natural habitats and ecosystems.

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