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Elf Anne Safety. March

Elf Anne Safety.

These days it seems even the safest of occupations are a minefield of hidden hazards. No job today goes without a long list of rules and regulations. So let me introduce you to guest blogger Elf Anne Safety who will be bring you from time to time, a few snippets of the latest Elf news and Elf safety guidance from around the UK.

If you happen to come across any suitable items for inclusion please leave a comment on the blog.

March Safety Tip - always get a work colleague to help.

In October 2012, a volunteer claimed that a charity who carry out works on local canals and rivers would not allow volunteers to remove graffiti on the bridges because of "health and safety" concerns.

A bar refused to let a customer carry a tray with their drinks on it because they had not been "health and safety trained"

In another incident, a charitable trust for a sailing barge has refused to carry out sailing training for young people on the grounds of health and safety.

A secondary school has asked pupils not to push a fellow pupil's wheelchair claiming the pupils have had no training. The pupil is temporarily using the wheelchair because he has sprained his ankle.

A hotel chain that does not provide floor towels for stepping out of the bath/shower due to 'Health and Safety'. The reason given was that "you could slip over."

An adult passenger on a flight requested a boiled sweet from a member of the cabin crew because their ears were hurting. The cabin crew member stated that boiled sweets were no longer provided on the grounds of health and safety because children could choke on sweets.

A council  resident was told by their council's waste and street cleansing service that new refuse bins had to be sited in pairs on the roadside with a suitable gap in between them because of health and safety requirements.

A passenger tried to board a bus with a hot cup of coffee in a safety cup. The driver refused to allow them on the bus with the hot drinks saying this was because of health and safety.

A press story is saying that health and safety is the barrier to children enjoying everyday activities such as playing conkers, using skipping ropes or climbing trees. Skipping, playing conkers and football and climbing trees are all important activities which help children to have fun and at the same time learn about handling risk.

A British Legion shop is refusing to pass customers a pin to attach their poppy. The customer has to take their own pin and the reason given was "because of health and safety".


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