Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Oh yes we can, oh no we CaRT!

I see the latest pre-ordained proposal consultation from CaRT with reference to boaters overstaying on visitor moorings, does very little in the way of addressing the nub of the problem. Now call me old and cynical but, if boaters are overstaying. Then what are the main reasons given by boaters for overstaying. I can't find any supporting evidence that CaRT have even researched beyond the number of complaints from serial complainers to establish the root cause. 

Lets suppose that there is an overall lack of enough moorings available for the number of boats visiting is the problem. Then reducing the time limit is not the answer. Improving the number of available moorings may be a much better option. The number of boats visiting may be due to the number of various attractions within the vicinity. If you reduce the time from say 14 days down to 2 days as is the predicted outcome. What purpose will  the mooring restriction serve during the quiet periods?

What are the actual numbers involved? If you take any mooring locations along any section of canal. Where a significant number of boats are going to be involved. There will always be one location that's visited more than any other. The will also be another location that's least visited. It's the numbers game, one is the high number and the other is the low number. The only thing that will make a real change is to limit the number of boats. Adjusting the length of stay will do nothing for reducing the number of boats and the pressure of numbers at a popular time of year.

As CaRT continues to encourage people away from moorings by the relentless jacking up of the minimum bid. More people will turn their attention to constant cruising. Its perfectly understandable to me that those people will be wanting to do that CCing over a restricted area. In the main due to needing to work and any schooling requirements for children. CaRT's only answer is to create year round restricted parking zones. To me this is an excellent indicator of the lack of understanding and how out of touch CaRT actually are with their customer base.


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