Saturday, 26 January 2013

On Yer Bike!

With a nod to Norman Tebbit ordering people to get on their bikes to find a job - comes phase II from Bonking BoJo as he appoints a new bike Czar.   Journalist Andrew Gilligan was today confirmed as Boris Johnson's cycling Czar on a salary of £38,000. Mr Gilligan, whose appointment sparked claims that the Mayor was giving jobs to his friends, will work just a two-day week and will report to deputy mayor for transport Isabel Dedringat at City Hall.

Curmudgeon Comment: "So me thinks that the towpath which currently doubles as a velodrome to most cyclists  Is about to have a significant increase in two wheeled traffic. Plus a significant increase in people being run down.  I can't see Londoners having their streets closed and foot paths turned into cycleways. The slack has to come from somewhere. I can see it now - CaRT with toll booths set up along various stretches of towpath, making a charge to bikers to use the newly designated high-speed cycleway. With railway style annual commuter passes."

The Telegraph journalist, who previously worked for the Evening Standard and the BBC, is due to unveil a new strategy outlining how to encourage hundreds of thousands more Londoners to take to their bikes while seeking to improve safety for cyclists. 

Mayor BoJo said: “Andrew Gilligan is the perfect fit for the role of cycling commissioner. His drive, determination and ideas will be immensely valuable assets as we press forward with my agenda for cycling.”


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