Wednesday, 14 November 2012

You know when. (2)

In a previous "You Know When"  post I gave some information about the sleeping space and demarcation arrangements aboard Rosie. Today I am going to give a bit more background into boat space allocations. This time within the bathroom area.

Space on a boat is always at a premium, never more so than when it comes to the bathroom. Bathroom space allocation is divided equally into his and her areas. The equal space allocation follows a similar formula to the one used in the bedroom area. The space is a notionally shared area based on allocated time - a sort of vague time share operation. 

The rules of engagement are quite simple. If she is in bed asleep it is my time frame allocation. If she is out of bed it is her time frame allocation. You can be asked at any point in your time frame to do other tasks such as make a cup of tea. Which when concluded also includes the automatic hand over into her bathroom time frame.

Clothes storage on a boat like bathroom space is also at a premium. I have an allocated drawer for socks and pants.  I have been allowed a small variable allocation of additional space in other locations for which I have to forgo any management of the available space. 

Now I have a fixed number of pants and a fixed number of pairs of socks. However I have recently discovered why my partner in life needs the additional closet space allocation. 

The formula covers all of her clothing requirements - However for brevity I have restricted the diagram to just cover a couple of items of female apparel.

Any space in my socks and pants drawer is occasionally sequestrated for other storage purposes.


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  1. I daren't show this post to Richard!!


    NB Mary H


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