Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Crazy CART Economics.

Many of the old nursery rhymes are quite factual in their sometimes obscure origins. None more so than Row row row your boat; gently down the stream; merrily merrily merrily; life is but a dream! 

Or the 21st Century rhyme version that goes "Chug chug chug your boat; gently down the street; voluntary voluntary voluntary; CART lives in a dream!"

The lyrics to the original of this ruptured rhyme have often been used as a metaphor for life's difficult choices, and many see the boat as referring to ones self or a group with which one identifies. Rowing is a skilful  if a somewhat tedious, practise that takes some perfecting but also directs the vessels direction.

CART officers have stressful, dangerous and demanding jobs and there is a pressing need to balance this with a regular dose of mind-numbing boredom. I am convinced that it is this boredom that leads to oddball weird and wonderful ideas dreamed up in the rarefied atmosphere at CART Towers. Is CART living in dreamland, I think, very much so when a large amount of scarce money can be wasted on various puff projects such as poems on lock gates and boats filled with trees. Then add to this even more money invested in litigation. On what seems to be at worst, a terrible case of someone's bruised vanity. The thickened plot has very much been lost.

Anyone else noticed the price hike on BW moorings. Here are the details from three recent auctioned moorings at Tinsley. Our marina has a number of empty berths. There are two empty berths close to me now! 

Auction: 3687 - Tinsley Marina

Guide price: £1,966 

Reserve price: £1,475

Closing date: 23/03/2012

Auction: 4129 - Tinsley Marina
Guide price: £1,986 (+£20)
Reserve price: £1,589 (+£114)
Closing date: 29/08/2012

Auction: 4325 - Tinsley Marina
Guide price: £1,986 (£0)
Reserve price: £1,788 (+£199)
Closing date: 22/10/2012

Recent auctions have not had a single bid. Yet, the price hike continues. In 9 months the "guide  price" has gone up by £20. However, the "reserve price" has gone up by a further £313 pounds in the same period. This is the world of crazy CART economics. No one wants the moorings at the current price so the minimum price goes up by a further £333 in nine months. 

When something is overpriced and obviously isn't attracting people to the moorings. At a time when money is tight and the market demand reduces. Common sense dictates that you price to reduce your losses. CART is operating in this area of the market and comes up with a unique strategy and pumps up the reserve prices. 



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