Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Noses in the Trough

In something similar to a television comedy. Two men have been banned from a restaurant in Brighton after the manager complained of their excessive buffet consumption. They didn't mince their words either, calling the pair "a couple of pigs". The Mongolian barbecue Gobi restaurant allows diners to ask for more "as many times as you wish!..... All for a set price of £12!"

Unfortunately for Gobi, the pair - George Dalmon and his mate Andy Miles - reportedly ate five bowls of food each on each visit. The bowls are the ones that contained all the food for the customers not the ones on the table!

The Daily Torygraph has quoted the unnamed manager as saying, "Basically they just come in and pig out. We have put up with them for two years but I've had enoughThey are in such a hurry to beat everyone to the food they spoil everything. We are supposed to be a buffet but they eat everything out of the bowl before people can get there. We just can't keep doing this." 

The manager went on to say "We are not a charity, we're a business. It's our restaurant and we can tell people not to come back if we don't want them to."

I expect they will be now be handing out restaurant menu's to passers by in the street and calling out "Pig Issue".


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