Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Android Satellite Apps.

Finding a TV satellite can be pretty difficult to achieve. You can attempt to find the satellite  with a compass but you will still have to work out your location and the satellite azimuth. The Satellite Director application replaces all of that. You just enable the GPS in your Android phone. Select the desired TV satellite. (The satellite list contains details of 280 broadcast satellites) Then point your phone to the sky to find on screen the TV satellite. The correct direction and angle into the sky have been found for the satellite when the white ball is in the white circle and the cyan ball is in the cyan circle. The application is free.

Another application is SatFinderSatellite Finder is a tool to configure a satellite dish and find tv channels. This Satellite Finder app works in view mode as if you were about to take a photograph.  It is not taking any photographs but works in preview mode to show you where the satellite is on the sky. This is useful as in this mode it can highlight when the wanted satellite is hidden behind a building or trees.

The Satellite Finder application will give you azimuth, elevation and LNB tilt for your location (based on your phones inbuilt GPS overlaid on any satellite from list) The result is shown both as numeric data and graphical on google maps.  It can also be used to show in real time where the wanted satellite is on the phones camera view. The satellite list is very comprehensive and includes all television satellites, so the app should work worldwide. The channel list is still incomplete but the developer is working on it. The application is free.

Last but not least is Satellite AR.  Point your phone at the sky and find actual satellites flying overhead. Ever wondered what satellites are flying above your head when you look up? This app will show them to you using augmented reality. Point your phone's camera to the sky, and small icons track the locations of various satellites. Those in sunlight are coloured yellow to help you look for them on a clear night. The application is free.

This Weeks Solar Panel Data.
Average 14.4 Ah per day  High 19Ah Low 10Ah


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