Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Android App for Tides

OK, I admit it, I am a gadget freak. I should attend the nearest Gadge-a-holics anonymous meeting room. I just love technology and I am always looking for ways to use information gathered from gadgets to apply to our boating adventures. 

In a previous posting we looked at pointing the TV antenna for best performance for digital reception depending on your geographical location. Click Here to view.

I can't ever see the time when we would be taking our boat out onto coastal waters - well not voluntarily anyway. Maybe if we had been washed downstream from York in the recent floods we might have ended up in the Humber. But only if we had scraped under various bridges along the way.

Having witnessed from childhood what can happen with rivers in this part of the country. I have a very healthy respect for their capabilities and unpredictability.

Do you ever navigate with your boat over tidal sections of rivers. TideApp is an android application that brings tidal charts and data right to your Android Mobile Phone. 

The application displays a list of the current tide conditions, along with daily highs and lows with their accompanying times. In addition, you may view the very same tide information in the future, perfect for trip planning. TideApp is mainly for coastal tide conditions and you may have to calculate the time difference from a known location for the inland part of the tidal range of the river. The TideApp application is available free of charge.

A second android mobile phone application is Tides and Currents which collects data from more than 14000 stations covering all the world. Tide and Current predictions are available up to 1/1/2080.

I was using this application for our recent trip up the River Ouse from Selby to Ripon and back. High tide at Selby coincides with low tide at Hull. You can plan your trip to use a spring tide for going up river and a neap tide when returning back. The caveat to cruising on a river being that you also need to keep an eye on the weather in the river catchment areas. As heavy rain can also effect river levels. 

The Tides and Currents application is also available Free of Charge. As is information from your local lock keeper.

I have created a poll that will run between now and the 1st of January 2013. It's not very scientific. Its a simple question "Will CART Succeed". You have three choices Yes, Unsure and No. Now you can vote for one of the three choices. If you change your mind before the poll closing date. You can come back and change your vote. (I wish we could do that for politicians) You will find the poll option on the right hand side just below the members pictures.


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  1. A fellow gadget freak! Bit late for the tides as we have completed our river crossings for this year but I will certainly try the TV one - when I get phone signal!

    Have you found anthing else I can't live without????


    NB Mary H


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